Adam Z Lein

Adam Lein has been considered a talented artist since he was old enough to hold a crayon. He spent summers as a kid learning to draw, paint and sculpt by mimicking and expanding upon historical Egyptian, Greek, and Asian cultural styles at the Worcester Art Museum in Massachusetts. His skills have been expanding ever since.

As an undergraduate in college, Adam worked as a teaching assistant in several digital photography/artistry and web design classes giving demonstrations to the students and helping individuals with their creative projects... while studying a variety of other disciplines, publishing a literary magazine, and developing a healthy social life.  He spent summers as a web designer for intranet sites at Digital Equipment Corporation and an interactive designer for Hyperactive Media Systems. 

Adam has studied photography since 1994, and has increasingly explored combining photographic skills with natural media, computer artistry, and three dimensional imaging.  His skills in ray trace imaging began in the mid 90's where he gained numerous awards and recognition for his hand-coded geometric renders.  His photography darkroom skills grew as a result of the limitations of the computer hardware at the time.  Instead of scanning film and creating composites in the computer, Adam would create computer-style composites using darkroom techniques.

The popularity of the world wide web began in the mid nineties, and Adam has been doing web design since web browsers were able to display images.  Through the advice and feedback of his peers, he quickly learned that successful web design was not about impressive graphics and bleeding-edge technologies but rather required a combination of human-computer interaction (HCI) design techniques, maintenance simplicity, design efficiency, flexible scalability, and pertinent content.  Today, his skill set includes web application development using Active Server Page programming, SQL server database design, IIS/Windows 2000 management, and low-maintenance high-flexibility back-end techniques. 

As interactive design is a very important part of web development, Adam Lein has also been acting as a consultant for software application development since 1996.  His feature suggestions, usability sensibilities, and bug-catching capabilities have added value to numerous popular applications from many of the most successful software companies of our time.

His work has been published in numerous editions of the Illustrator WOW book.  He's contributed a chapter to the Adobe Acrobat Master class book.  He's also a Senior Editor and regular contributor to news and reviews at as well as a Microsoft MVP awardee.

At Roher|Sprague Partners, in addition to contributing design work and artistry through 3D imaging/animation, film/digital photography, photo retouching, vector illustration, web design/development, and natural media simulation... Adam is also in charge of maintaining the internal network, web and collaboration server, and various network computers.  His artistry and designs are integrated into everything from brochures and invitations to exhibits and environmental graphics. 

In his spare time, Adam enjoys maintaining his friendships throughout New England as well as bicycling, riding his motorcycle, practicing martial arts, and generally doing anything that catches his interest.


Favorite Projects