Seth Greenberg's Authentic New York
Brownie Crunch

A New Brand for a Brand New Snack

FCG Foods hired Roher/Sprague to create a brand look and packaging for their new snack food product, Brownie Crunch. Previously, R/S had created an identity for Seth Greenbergs Brownies, a custom-baked gourmet brownie, but this new snack was targeted to a high-volume retail market. What should it look like? How to make it stand out on a supermarket shelf?

The Design Solution

We created a look that was sophisticated enough to appeal to the gourmet audience, but that was simple and bold and could also attract a mass market audience. Using a handwritten font for the flavor and tagline implies the personal baker touch of Seth Greenberg, and the trim san serif font for all else creates a New York metro look. When the packages are aligned side by side on a shelf, the product photo becomes one continuous image for impact.


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Package Design, Tagline and Copywriting, Photography: Roher/Sprague Partners